List of Duties / Functions of the Park Ranger Team

  • Watering, fertilizing, weeding and sowing seedlings.
  • Pruning flowers, cutting grass and applying poisons.
  • Trimming and felling trees.
  • Carrying out area patrols.
  • Maintaining playgrounds and open spaces
  • Dealing with fallen trees
  • Maintaining park furniture
  • Assisting other units in need


Park Ranger Objectives

  • Making regular visits to playgrounds (housing estates) to monitor the status of play equipment.
  • Implementing proactive actions to repair any damage in areas under care.
  • Taking swift decisions and actions on public complaints in the interests of all.


Duties / Responsibilities

  • Carrying out visits / patrols
  • Damage analysis
  • Pictorial recordings
  • Making / sending damage reports
  • Immediate actions
  • Follow-up visits on cost savings through recycling