Holidaying in the Seremban district with family, friends or even by yourself is a great experience and leaves behind sweet memories for the rest of your life. You can carry out various interesting activities in this district. The following are activities that you should do when visiting this district :
Climbing a Mountain or Hill in the Seremban district

Based on Seremban’s geographical location, this district is actually surrounded by the Titiwangsa Range which is the backbone of Malaysia. The uniqueness of this Tropical Rainforest can be felt as you climb some of the hills and mountains found here. Among them are Angsi Mountain, Berembun Mountain, Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest, Kepayang Hill and many more.

Selfies at the Murals in Seremban district

Also contributing to the greatness of Seremban district is the uniqueness of the Murals found in the city. There are two locations that are often the focus of tourists, namely Seramban Town and Nilai Old Town. There are almost 50 interesting murals that you can appreciate or take pictures of, for your personal photo collection.

Exploring Extreme Activities

Extreme activities are now the craze for the tourists of today as they want to challenge their own individual strength and courage.
Appreciating the Pepatih Custom

The core culture of the Pepatih Custom has long influenced the community in Seremban Town. This can be seen in the warmth, harmony and unity of its people who always practice a tolerant way of life. Therefore, if you want to appreciate this, you can visit several Pepatih Culture locations such as the National Department for Culture and Arts, Negeri Sembilan, the Negeri Sembilan Museum and many more.
Hunting for delicious food

The uniqueness of Seremban Culture triggers 1001 flavours when you enjoy the delicious food in Seremban. Seremban is the exact location for ‘Food Hunters' as the food offered here is different in taste than other states. You can choose your favourite restaurant, stall or Food Street according to the comfort and taste of your choice. The most important thing is, you need to savour Negeri Sembilan Food such as “masak lemak cilia api” to complete your visit to the Seremban district.