The entire Seremban City Council Area encompasses all the latest outbreak areas

  • Subject to instructions on the latest outbreak area during Outbreak Meetings every Friday at the Seremban 2 Land District Office
  • Fogging areas along with the duties of the Malaysian Ministry of Health
  • Supervised by the Assistant Environmental Health Officer / PKA (Public Health Assistant) during each fogging activity. Ensuring that the speed of the vehicle complies with the instructions provided by the MOH (5-10km/hour) for ULV (Ultra Low Volume)
  • Complying with fogging instructions in outbreak areas within a 200m radius
  • Complying with the dosage of poisons and handling them accurately and in compliance with SOPs
  • Complying with SOPs before and after handling the use of poisons/chemicals
  • Carrying out PTP (Elimination of Breeding Grounds) works as a result of information from District Dengue Action Meetings and public complaints