1. Responsibility to increase and to smoothen Engineering Department’s management and Majlis’s administration.
  2. Responsibility to ensure all maintenance to roadways, sewage, traffic, building and others always be in good condition and safe to be used from time to time.
  3. Reprocess infrastructural plans for land works, road and streetlights.
  4. Building maintenance and Majlis Perbandaran Seremban properties.
  5. Giving technical advice to developmental projects that is co-implemented by private bodies.
  6. Research, Plan and apply traffic systems within Majlis jurisdiction areas especially in City Center areas.
  7. Workshop maintenance and Majlis’s store including managing central purchases, and maintenance of Majlis’s vehicles and machines.
  8. Ensure social and recreation facilities being offered to the locals.
  1. Maintenance and Sewage
  2. Project and Traffic Management
  3. Developmental Control
  4. Building Maintenance
  5. Electrical Maintenance
  6. Survey and Contract
  7. Workshop and Logistics Maintenance
  8. Management Administration
  1. i. Receive and process application of building constructions within Majlis’s purview, according to the existing Acts, Small Laws and Policies.
  2. Monitor Project constructions of public, private or individual buildings and issuing notices for building compliance laws.
  3. Responsible in permits issuance and the Certificate of Fitness (CF) in Majlis.
  4. Responsible in permit issuance for small works such as repairs and small structure constructions such as awning.
  5. To prepare project data for housing, commercial and industry upon being requested by the Ministry and related departments such as Bank Negara, NAPIC and state government for research purposes.
  6. Public complaints acceptance and settlements.
  7. To initiate building destruction for ones without the approval from Majlis Perbandaran Seremban.
  1. Building Control (Processing building plans and Certificate of Fitness issuance).
  2. Enforcements (taking actions on illegal buildings such as notice issuance, compounds and law enforcements to building owners).
  1. i. To increase revenue and lessen arrears and to distribute financial sources fairly and responsibly for activities and programs according to existing Law and Regulations.
  1. Revenue collections
  2. Fee management
  3. Budget
  4. Acquisition
  5. Investments
  6. Enforcement of Cukai Taksiran
  7. Rental Enforcement
  8. Yearly Financial Statement
To inflict cukai taksiran to all holds within jurisdiction of Majlis and to manage all Majlis’s properties and evaluation records in efficient and complete way.
  1. To initiate check visits, evaluation and listing lands and buildings for cukai taksiran collection.
  2. Issuance of Kenyataan Pindaan Senarai Nilaian (KPSN) notices of each term.
  3. To prepare all documents and hearing matters preparations for objections/appeal of cukai taksiran.
  4. To handle Cukai Taksiran appeal/objections.
  5. Manage and maintain evaluated properties accounts.
  6. To prepare evaluation and report upon buildings involved in construction without Majlis’s consent, which will be brought to court.
  7. Identifying properties that hasn’t been Cukai Taksiran imposed for evaluation and listed for Cukai Taksiran collection.
  8. Record the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) accepted from Building Control Department.
  9. Monitoring standard plans, acknowledgement plan and digital plans from Malaysian Mapping and Survey Department (JUPEM), and also control files.
  10. Develop, maintain and control, also to increase Evaluation System Upgrades and Computer Application usage.
  11. Handling official search of land ownership particulars by Pejabat Tanah & Galian and Pejabat Tanah & Daerah Seremban.
  12. Handling all public complaints and providing information and correspondence with regards to rates (kadaran).
  13. Preparing reports and evaluation on all Majlis owned properties.
  14. Plan and Monitor all preparations and execution of re-evaluation works.
  1. Identifying and initiating checking visits on properties owned by involved Central & State Government Departments/Agencies, also Malaysian Military (ATM) for Sumbangan Membantu Kadar (SMK) Claims.
  2. Preparing Evaluation List to be approved by JPPH.
  3. Offering claims applications for Housing Ministry and Local Government Units.
  4. Updating properties information involved with SMK annually.
  5. Develop Computer applications for properties evaluation works involved with SMK.
  6. Initiating Government Agencies Complex Development research within Majlis’s jurisdiction.
  7. Making sure that level of value used to evaluate government properties is uniformed.
  8. Doing payment checks received from Central Government Agencies and Departments, and from the Malaysian Military (ATM).
  9. Checking, register and record all Cukai Taksiran remission applications.
  10. Handling checking visits for properties involved with remission.
  11. Sending out letters and Remission Application Forms to affected properties owners.
  12. Update availability date and making calculations into the system based on the form returned by the applicants.
  13. Printing Remission Edited List, Remission Statements and Credit Cluster detailed list before update to be checked and approved.
  14. Distributing the Remission Statements and Credit Cluster detailed list to be updated by the Finance Director.
  15. Sending out Notification of Amount to the properties’ owners that is eligible for remission.
  16. Update all files pertaining to remission applications.
  17. Handling Public correspondence (letters) pertaining to remission applications.
  18. Maintain and upgrade Remission Computer Applications.
  1. Updating properties information particulars involved with handovers and address changes.
  2. Manage and evaluate Majlis’s properties.
  3. Plan and conducting strategies on initiating steps to increase Majlis’s revenues.
  4. Conducting research and offering services/advice on privatisation/cooperation and real estate investments done by Majlis.
  5. Gathering and making analysis on market information, rental and other information within Majlis’s jurisdiction.
  6. Preparing and supplying property and owner information to Government Departments, Agencies and Private Bodies.
  7. Conducting checks on Cukai Taksiran arrears on the approval of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC).
  8. Helping Majlis’s administration with regards to Cukai Taksiran arrears on properties via Planning Permission Approval Checks and also Public Auctions.
  9. Preparing paper works on rate (kadaran) issues and also upon needs from Majlis.
  10. Making checks on Majlis’s properties disposal needs.
  11. Conducting evaluations on confiscated items due to the failure of settling Cukai Taksiran arrears.
  12. Conducting evaluations on confiscated items by the Enforcement Unit due to failure to abide with the regulations made by Majlis to be auctioned.
  1. Handling maintenance and management works of Terminal 1 Seremban.
  2. Offering and processing applications of bus route stickers applications of Terminal 1 Seremban.
  3. Handling issues regarding public correspondence.
  4. Processing application of shops/kiosk/outlet/ticket counters and signages.
  5. Processing quotation preparation/tender for works in Terminal 1 Seremban.
  6. Making sure vehicle, motorcycle and bus parking management are well managed by appointed contractors.
  7. Oversee works done by Security Control Contractors in Terminal 1 Seremban.
  8. Making cleanliness level checks in Terminal 1 done by appointed cleaning contractors.
  9. Preparing cashflow report (revenue and expenditure) of Terminal 1 Seremban for Mesyuarat Majlis Penuh MPS.
  10. Initiating rental termination notice and withdrawal/emptying premises in Terminal 1 Seremban.
  11. Offering rental agreement documents and agreement renewal for tenants of Terminal 1 Seremban.
  12. Making checks and monitoring in Terminal 1 Seremban to identifying existing issues/problems.
  13. Accepting and settling complaints made by the public, tenants etc.
  14. Issuing notices for rental and utility arrears payments for rented premises of Terminal 1 Seremban.
  15. Check and record meter readings for utility usage (electricity and water) to be given to Finance Department.
  16. Making utility cut(discontinuance) on rented premises which has arrears for Majlis.
  17. Making sure that appointed contractors to manage luggage in a good way.
  1. Manage and making sure daily office administrations managed effectively and systematically according to regulations and circulars set.
  2. Handling records related to budget control of Department.
  3. Handling records related to Local Message, travel claims and overtime allowances.
  4. Handling all correspondence related to Department.
  5. Manage Department counter services.
  6. Manage ‘by hand’/posted/document deliveries.
  7. Manage files pertaining to administration and Evaluation List.
  8. Handling matters pertaining to Department staff’s leave/off days.
  9. Handling Department staff performance evaluation.
  10. Manage attendance records for all Department staffs.
  11. Manage examination, seminars, courses and workshops application for employees.
  12. Handling inventories and properties owned by Departments.
  13. Manage stock item needs of the Department.
  14. Overseeing the preparations of myPortfolio for employees of Department.
  15. Manage meeting room usage bookings for Department’s uses.
  16. Controlling overall security of office.
Responsible in all matters pertaining to developmental and planning activities.
  1. Planning development to citizen’s standards of living.
  2. Manage and maintain PPR Paroi & Lobak, also Lobak Flats.
  3. Application of Village and City Planning Act 1976 (Act 172).
  4. Drafting a more effective developmental strategy.
  5. Develop and maintain planning information system via GIS.
  1. To make Seremban City as a city with personalised image and identity in order to fulfil well-being and needs.
  2. To create Landscape Development that is hand in hand with the increase in environment quality increase to make Seremban, A ‘City within a Park’ (Bandar Dalam Taman).
  1. Secretariate for City Cleanliness Committee Meeting.
  2. Processing landscape plans approval applications.
  3. Preparing tender documents/quotations for developmental works and landscape maintenance.
  4. To check and support CCC applications.
  5. Manage and oversee landscape maintenance within MBS operational areas.
  6. Accept, manage and monitor public complaints such as tree pruning, playground damages and other related issues.
  7. Manage and oversee current/ongoing Landscape Developmental Projects.
  8. Prepare Landscape Guidelines to be used in developments.
  9. Plan and prepare developmental paperwork to apply for JLN and UPEN allocations.
  10. Oversee and manage fields maintenance within MBS areas.
  11. To manage and maintain Playgrounds within MBS jurisdiction.
  12. Store and Asset Management
    1. a. Make asset/inventory registrations for asets of lower values.
    2. Conduct asset checking.
    3. Conduct asset elimination.
    4. Conduct asset ‘write-offs’.
  13. Preparing Local Orders (L.O).
  14. Processing recommendations for ‘izin lalu’ permit application.
  15. Checking housing estate’s landscape including playgrounds for developments for handovers.
  16. Handling i-Landskap clearance (kawasan lapang) information.
  17. Manage flower decoration for formal occasions/events.
  18. Prepare rental services for facilities for potted plants decorations for Government, Private, bike rental in Gelanggang Basikal and Dataran Nilai.
  19. Offering advise services regarding decorations and maintenance for agencies in need.
  20. Processing reimbursements for MBS’s owned tree cutting applications as per City and Village Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) Part VA.
  21. Arrange and oversee park rangers (tree fall case and playground damages case).
  22. Manage and oversee nurseries (tapak semaian) in Mantin and Kampung Sentosa, Paroi.
Responsible to ensure efficient and systematic public management and personnel service matters of Majlis in accordance to the regulations/circulars made to ensure satisfaction of clients and quality and efficient delivery.
  1. Welfare Management and Majlis members facilities.
  2. Manage job appointments, services, performance and disciplinary management, training management, examinations and competency of Majlis members.
  3. Handle meetings held by Majlis and its Members matters.
  4. Shaping Corporate image and Department Services Delivery System.
  1. i. To increase the effectiveness of license/permit management system, practice and ensuring all license/permit requirements be followed in order to increase Majlis’s revenue.
  2. To oversee solid waste collection management, grass cutting, sewage cleaning and perimeter cleaning by SWCorp for the comfort and wellbeing of Seremban populace.
Responsible in processing, monitor, control, oversee and enforce all aspects of cleanliness including business licensing held in Majlis’s area of jurisdiction.
To prepare legislation services in the form of advice and law definitions and law enforcements to uphold harmony, comfort and safety of citizens in areas under the jurisdiction of Majlis Perbandaran Seremban, hand in hand with current legislation used.
Giving out advise and enforcements.
To plan, develop, perform and maintain ICT projects for Majlis Bandaraya Seremban.
  1. To plan and manage development and maintenance of Majlis’s applications.
  2. To plan capacity needs, maintenance and computer software owned by Majlis.
  3. Plan, design, manage development, and ICT infrastructural maintenance and Safety of Majlis.
  4. Develop and maintain official portal and online services of Majlis.
  5. Manage acquisition of Close Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) all across Seremban city under the Safe City Program for the purpose of crime monitoring by The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).
To ensure all public complaints forwarded to the related departments to be settled as soon as possible, to create good communication among Majlis and the public as the client, and to form an impeccable corporate image which are identifiable with Seremban as a fast developing city.
  1. Community and Public Administration Unit
  2. Sports Development and maintenance Unit.
  3. Tourism and Event Management Unit.
  4. To handle and manage public complaints efficiently;
  5. To handle and oversee invitees and speech texts of Central and State’s Formal Events in need for Majlis’s involvement;
  6. To handle Majlis’s Bulletin publications;
  7. To handle PPKB and e-Kasih applications;
  8. Oversee activities and community programs;
  9. Acting as secretariat on the behalf of Yang Dipertua on printed media, electronic media in relation to news releases and program announcements of Department;
  10. Attending internal meetings of Majlis and state/daerah level meetings;
  11. Acting as Main Committee secretariat of Local Agenda 21 (LA21);
  12. Arrange and implement activities with the media, especially local media if there’s an issue pertaining to Majlis’s responsibilities;
  13. Manage sports facilities and generating revenue via sports facility rental, and culturize sport with the introduction of sports events via collaboration of Government and Private sectors; and
  14. To implement strategic and developmental plans for Seremban’s tourism via cooperation of Government Agencies and industry members.
  1. Synchronize and hasten consideration process of land development application forwarded in the Local Government including land development, land work plan, road and sewage plans, streetlight plan, building plan, landscape plan, taman/road name and building numbering, also the issuance of Perakuan Penyiapan Bertingkat Certification (CCC).
  2. Standardising procedure and application process of land development, adhering to the allocation under Kanun Tanah Negara 1965 (KTN56), City and Village planning 1976 (Act 172) and Sewage, Road and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) and also other related legislations.
  3. Shorten the time and make ease of the application process of planning permission application, building plans and land usage application certificate for ‘Buy then Sell’ (BKJ), high impact projects and foreign investments also government projects within four (4) months and under the ’Buy then Sell’ concept within six (6) months.
  • Receive, check, standardise and process of land development plan approval application by the developer and consultants as main qualified personnel (Principal Submitting Person-PSP) complete with planning approval plans, naming taman/road/ and building houses/buildings, roadworks plans, infrastructure plans, building/landscape plans, and processing of Completion and Compliance Certificate (CCC) as per checklist below:
    • Planning Permission Approval Check List
    • Road work plans check list
    • Sewage and Road Plans Check List
    • Building Plans Check List
    • Landscape Plans Check List
    • Public Streetlight Plan Check List
    • Signage Structure Plan Check List
    • Completion & Compliance Certification (CCC) Check List
  • Act as a secretatriat for One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meeting, which conduct meetings at least two (2) times in a month or twenty-four (24) times annually.
  • Discussing received applications for One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meeting considerations.
  • Making notifications on One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meetings to applicants within three (3) days.
  • Preparing periodic reports (monthly/yearly) to be presented to Negeri Sembilan City and Village Planning Department (PLANMalaysia) as the committee secretariat of Jawatankuasa Perancang Negeri (JPN) and also to the Local Authority of the Ministry of Housing trough OSC Portal.
  • To increase and improve service delivery system quality from time to time so that it will adhere with the process needs and development approval consideration procedures.
To ensure strata building management made in a systematic way in accordance to law and regulation allocated to increase strata residents’ quality of life.
  1. Create and update all strata developmental areas (Database).
  2. Process ‘jadual petak’ filing by the developer.
  3. Handle share units filing for developments that has not be allocated share units.
  4. Processing Joint Management Body Certificate (JMB).
  5. Monitoring and manage deposit on defect repairs for the use of Building Commissioner for Strata Development Scheme that applied to zero ownership.
  6. Monitor initiation of JMB/MC in all strata developmental areas.
  7. Giving out advice services to developers/JMB/MC related to maintenance and joint property management.
  8. Oversee maintenance perfection and joint property and building management.
  9. Ensure Annual General Meetings (AGM) be held in the allotted date.
  10. Standardise, Handle and take action on dispute settlements among complainant and other stakeholders, including being a mediator.
  11. Monitor strata building management accounts.
  12. Taking enforcement actions, investigating and prosecution on offences under Act 757.
  13. Making appointments (pelantikan) & oversee management agents that are appointed by COB.
  1. Ensuring the department’s management & financial system is well-managed in line with the allocated policy, law and procedure. 
  2. For value-added as well as upgrading the operation standard to be an impeccably, efficiency and economically organization
  3. Identifying the weaknesses and incompliances of the involved party as well as recommendations in order to improve the required rectification in certain areas.
  1. Conducting the Financial Management Auditing, Performance Auditing and Other Auditing required by the management.
  2. Conducting MS ISO 9001:2015 Auditing.
  3. Conducting the Public Sector Conducive Eco-System Auditing (EKSA).
  4. Conducting a Spot Check.
  5. Conducting a Local Authority Star Rating System Auditing (SPB - PBT).
  6. Conducting analysis towards the General Auditor Report in order to focus on the major incompliances derived from the outcome of the Audit Report.


  1. Managing the Council Member’s Affairs, Managing the Full Council Meeting, JKMA Meeting and Meeting’s Feedback from External Agencies, Negeri Sembilan State Secretary Office (SUKNS) and Meeting Secretariat, Parking lot and Procurement Unit of Administration Affairs,
  2. Managing the operational & management of Parking Lot in Seremban and Nilai.
  3. Managing the MBS General Procurement such as Uniform, Furniture, Steel, Electricity Equipment, Wood, Office Stationary, Advertisement and Printing.
  4. Managing Department’s Good Receipt & Application for Stock Issuance and Store Management. 



Meeting Secretariat Unit

1. Coordinating the Council’s Affairs, Seremban City Council

  • Coordinating the appointment of Council Member, Seremban City Council
  • Managing the Oath Ceremony of Council Member
  • Managing the allowance payment for the Council Member
  • Managing Council Member Zoning
  • Managing Council Member Courses/Seminar/Workshop
  • Managing Self-Confirmation Letter and Officer Confession (GL) for the Council Member
  • Managing Council Member Affairs
  • Managing payment for Electronic equipment purchase for the Council Member


2. Meeting Secretariat

  • Financial Committee Meeting & General Terms, Seremban City Council
  • Full Council Meeting, Seremban City Council
  • Full Council Special Meeting, Seremban City Council
  • Preparation of Secretariat Unit Monthly Report
  • Coordinating the Administration Affairs, Correspondence Letters and Working Papers of The Meeting Secretariat, Parking Lot and Procurement Unit
  • Other meetings as per instruction from the Mayor / Secretary


3.  Preparing and Gathering the Meeting Feedback


  • The meeting chaired by the Head of Department such as YAB, Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, YB SUK, YB Exco and other head of departments which requires feedback from the Council Administration
  • The Financial Committee Meeting & General Terms (JKMA), Seremban City Council
  • Full Council Meeting, Seremban City Council
  • Full City Council Special Meeting, Seremban City Council

Parking Lot Unit

  1. Parking Lot Management
  • Managing the Parking Lot Privatization in Seremban and Nilai
  • Managing Seasonal / Special Permit Application
  • Managing Daily Parking Lot Application
  • Managing Booth Collection
  • Managing Special Rental Lot Painting
  • Managing Parking Lot Confirmation Support Application at MBS-SPAD Area 
  • Preparing the Road Traffic Violation Order Informant Letter. (Allocation Regarding the Parking Lot) MBS 
  • Monitor the Public Complaints
  • Issuing the Traffic Offence Compound and Parking Lot Rental Application Approval.


Procurement Unit                   

  1. Procurement Division
  • Responsible in myPerolehan System
  • Planning and managing the entire direct purchase procurement, quotation for MBS Departments general procurement based on the circulars and effective regulations.
  • Coordinating the specification for direct procurement, quotation
  • Stock management affairs in the Main Store
  • Preparing the Reports Procurement and stock management
  • Checking and confirming the proposed voting in the IJP1 Form
  1. Direct Purchase/ Store Division
  • Reviewing and preparing the price list and market research for direct purchase.
  • Reviewing and confirming the payment voucher based on the allocated voting in the Annual Budget
  • Preparing the Procurement Unit/shared department Budget
  • Reviewing the direct purchase order
  • Reviewing and preparing report for direct purchase stock position report & quotation quarterly
  • Supervising work related to the management of the stationery and hardware Main store
  • Reviewing and preparing the sundry deposit income in the SPBT system


  1. Quotation Management Division
  • Providing the specification for various quotation such as Stationary, Hardware, Clothing, Bunting/Banner and others quotation
  • Coordinating the schedule of measuring matters, uniform delivery
  • Reviewing application of quotation opening from departments
  • Reviewing quotation Notice and managing the ads in the website and notice board
  • Coordinating the selling of quotation document
  • Coordinating the supplier/contractor registration
  • Reviewing the price schedule included into the SPBT system
  • Coordinating the administration, meeting, correspondence letters and paper works affairs
  • Coordinating the selling of the quotation of all departments
  • Managing the quotation opening schedule of all department
  • Managing quotation room