1. Dogs that are older than 3 months old are required to have license.
  2. Applicants that are residing in apartment or flat are not eligible to apply for dog license.
  3. One (1) place of residence is allowed to apply for two (2) dogs only.
  4. License is issues for the duration of January to December of the current year regardless of the application date.
  5. The license fee is RM10.00 per dog.
  6. Licenses are irreplaceable. In case of lost license, owner is required to apply for a new license and pay the license fee of RM10.00 per dog.
  7. The metal tag issues by Seremban City Council must be worn at the dog’s neck and visible at all time. Owner is responsible to provide the collar for attaching the metal tag.

For any inquiries, please contact the Finance Department at 06-7654378/06-7654341

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