• The Conducive Public Sector Ecosystem (EKSA) is a rebranding of the implementation of the 5S Practices to fulfil the needs of the public sector.
  • The implementation of EKSA has the same goal of systematically and practically creating a quality work environment.
  • An effective EKSA can improve service quality, save costs and simplify work processes.
  • The EKSA is able to further strengthen the Quality Management System based on the MS ISO 9001 Standards, in meeting the requirements of the Resource Management clause relating to work environment.
  • An efficient, effective and consistent EKSA will add value to the overall corporate image of the Department/Agency.



5S is taken from the original term in Japanese Language, in which, if translated to Bahasa Melayu and English will bear meaning as such:

Seiri Sort Sisih To sort the inactive, old files and the new and active ones
Seiton Set in order Susun Documents/Materials/Stationary must be ‘set in order’ for easy access/usage.
Seiso Shine Sapu To ‘shine’ or clean office premises and individual work areas/room/booth
Seiketsu Standardise Seragam To standardise the order of files, work desk, meeting room and stationaries.
Shitsuke Sustain Sentiasa Amal Always sustain the Sort, Set in order, shine and Standardise practices.


Basis and Objective

MBS is committed in upholding high-performance organizational culture by preparing conducive work environment and positive work culture.

9 objectives in the MBS EKSA :

  • TO OFFER quality workplace (clean, organized and neat)
  • TO INCREASE efficiency and effectiveness in organizational management.
  • TO IDENTIFY, lessen and eliminate wastage.
  • TO ELEVATE the image of the public sector.
  • TO DEVELOP creative ideas among agency members.
  • TO INCREASE the esprit de corp spirit.
  • TO INCREASE the discipline level of department members.
  • TO INCREASE service delivery quality
  • TO ENSURE clear work standards.