Laman Basikal, located near the Seremban Lake Garden and also behind the home of the Honourable Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan, now has a new look. Various facilities have been upgraded, such as bicycle routes, washrooms, playgrounds and many more. This Laman Basikal offers bicycle rental services at reasonable prices.

64 bicycles are provided, with 8 different types of bicycles to cater to all age groups. Among the 8 bicycle types are the City Angel Bicycles, Child Angel Bicycles, Double Angel Bicycles, Twin Angel Bicycles, Family Angel Bicycles, Fat Angel Bicycles, Fatty Angel Bicycles and Triple Fat Angel Bicycles. The bicycles can be ridden alone or with a partner and family members.

Let’s come here together and spend time with our beloved families in a healthy way while cycling at the Seremban Laman Basikal.

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